Bog Plants, Hardy

Hardy marginal and bog plants are plants which are not fully aquatic, but rather they live either around the pond area in moist earth or they live "feet wet" meaning they actually live with their lower roots and vegetation under water but the leaves of the plants remain above the water and dry. These plants will survive colder weather in many states, either by dying back and re-growing in spring or by going dormant. Extreme cold may kill these plants. Cattails are among the most popular and well known hardy marginals.

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Pink Butterfly Flower

Pink Butterfly Flower

Hardy Flowering - Pink Butterfly Flower This plant is also known as the swamp milkweed. Butterfly's ..


Variegated Water Celery

Variegated Water Celery

 Hardy Low Growing - Variegated Water Celery Foliage is pink, green and white. A quick grower. ..


White Water Hibiscus

White Water Hibiscus

Hardy Flowering - White Water Hibiscus Also called swamp rose mallow. Large 4-6 inches flowers ..


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