R/W Pearl Scale

The pearlscale or chinshurin in Japanese, is a spherical-bodied fancy goldfish with finnage similar to the fantail.

The characteristic feature of the pearlscale is its thick, domed scales with pearl-like appearance. Its body is round and similar to a golf ball. The finnage may be long or short.

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3-4 inch R/W Pearlscale (Qty of 1)

3-4 inch R/W Pearlscale (Qty of 1)

  3-4" R/W Pearl Scale You are buying 1 goldfish!! It has a body like a golf bal..


4 inch R/W Pearlscale (Qty of 1)

4 inch R/W Pearlscale (Qty of 1)

4" R/W PearlscaleYou are buying 1 goldfish!!  The Red/White Pearlscale has a body like a g..


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