• Southern Delight Fancy Goldfish Food

 It's some of the best, 1.5mm size pellets.

SOUTHERN DELIGHT GOLDFISH FOOD is a highly concentrated, professional grade fish food. SPECIAL BLENDS is designed to resemble the nutritionally diverse feeding habits of fish found in nature, containing seperate nutrient rich pellets selected to meet the specific and essential nutritional needs of each variety.  Each colored pellet has it's own distinct set of ingredients and unique levels of meat, vegetable proteins, fats and fibers. Like feeding in nature, this provides a varied and uniquely diverse, balanced and complete diet.

GOLDFISH pellets feature:

  • 1.5 mm stable pellets
  • Semi float/semi sink
  • Whole Shrimp
  • Whole Fish
  • Carotenoids - to boost color!
  • Kelp Seaweed
  • Natural & Pure Probiotics - to aid digestion!
  • Spirulina - Boosts color and immunity!

Can fit up to 4 bottles in USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope, please request updated invoice before payment!


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Southern Delight Fancy Goldfish Food

  • Brand: Southern Delight
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