• Ultima ll Filters (Max Pond Size 20,000 Gal)

 The Ultima ll Difference:

Unique tubular design protects beneficial
bacteria while dislodging unwanted debris.
Media never needs to be replaced. Units can
be buried in earth up to the valve. No channeling,
and minutes to backwash. Pre-sealed with bacteria to
quickly start colonization, and combines both
biological, and mechanical filtration. Ultima ll
Filters are designed for, high flow rates, extreme
fish loads, and elevated feed rates. 
Blower not needed, because internal jets allow for
efficient cleaning of the filter media.

Part#     Max Pond       Max Flow             
A50119     20000         7500gph
  Dimensions            inlet/outlet
  30.5" x 48"              2" Top                                                                              

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Ultima ll Filters (Max Pond Size 20,000 Gal)

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